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We specialize in interactive, customer centric, scalable and brand-oriented full stack web development services that deliver tangible business results. We have a niche reputation in creating aesthetically pleasing and crystal clear web development processes specialized in PHP, .NET and JAVA frameworks.

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Augment your IT-process with our prominent and end-to-end web development solutions

Our proficient and talented team of IT engineers specialized in web application development manages your site functionality, network security issues, integrating API's and designing user interfaces. We have a dynamic and high-spirited team of Web Developers comprising of front-end developers specialized in markup languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript along with back-end developers specialized in JQUERY, Angular, Java, Python, PHP, and .NET. With a strong in-house team of both front-end and back-end developers, we offer full-stack web development solutions ranging from designing, integration, testing, deploying, maintenance, and network security. We implement Agile methodology to follow an iterative process while developing your application to align with the product development process and your overall company goals.

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Optimize your performance and minimize throughput
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Our customized Web Development solutions

Our technically sound team of web developers provides you with diverse industry-based PHP, .NET, JAVA development solutions. Xstream minds being a leading web development company is acknowledged to deliver full-stack, comprehensive solutions with distributed networking, RIA, custom-product development, and multi-layered tool development. If you are looking to rebrand your business then be rest assured to get your website transformed with our prolific and holistic approach. We at Xstream Minds offer seamless integration of 3rd party APIs or web portals customized for your brand ecosystem. Our web developers are well versed with Agile and Lean methodology that uses mature KPI (Key Performance Indicator) systems so as to maintain transparency and deliver on time. Our multi-faceted and cross-functional team of developers, testers, and project managers build efficient, full-cycle, scalable, secured, and cross-platform web apps that augment your business values and leverage digital solutions. We are well versed with various platforms in Java web application technologies including Servlet API, JSP, JDBC API, Java Persistence API, and JavaServer Faces Technology. We render cloud-based services using the Microsoft Azure platform to make your applications customer-oriented and scalable. Hire us to gain success-driven solutions for your business needs.

What to expect?

Before escalating the project to the development level, our team of business analysts will perform requirement engineering, outline the scope of work to help you choose a development methodology that works best for you and your project. We are a reliable technology partner to carve a niche reputation in the market and to gain business revamping competence. Our team is well-acquainted and experienced in knowing the latest architecture patterns (Layered, event-driven, microkernel, etc.) and advanced technologies rendering image analysis, blockchain, AI, etc. Get progressive and responsive web applications and services, mobile back-ends, and IoT apps that support multiple platforms including Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS. With Azure cloud compatibility, gain flexibility to deploy your web applications to on-premises or to the cloud. We also incorporate many microservices using docker containers to deploy services in standalone packages to effectively manage your infrastructure. We have an established reputation in the market for proficient and speedy deliverables within deadlines and rendering high-performance apps which promote conversion rates and improve sales.


PHP stands for Preprocessor Hypertext server-side open-source language that we incorporate in our framework to create feature-rich and fast web applications. Xstream minds offer quick and cost-efficient deployment of all your PHP applications.

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.NET being an open-source and cross-platform architecture allows us to build cloud-based web applications with cutting-edge functionalities and custom features. We provide flawless development of MVC web applications and Restful APIs that renders high performance, versatility, and scalability to your projects.

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We deploy distributed computing services, CMS services, and (SaaS) Software as a Service using agile-based java web development services. We offer efficient, scalable, robust, and cost-effective web development solutions for companies and entrepreneurs affiliated with any industry.

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